Our mission is to advance emerging artists who encourage and support progressive thinking among arts and literary communities in order to increase awareness among the broader community at large. Tea Roots implements its mission to promote progressive artists and writers from diverse cultures and origins by:

•Publishing artworks in high-quality mediums,
•Producing collaborative artistic opportunities, community and cultural events, and,
•Presenting emerging artists to new audiences through various artistic venues and established galleries.

Tea Roots, a San Francisco based arts and social justice nonprofit is inviting visual artists to submit work for a prominent San Francisco Bay Area exhibition. The goal of the theme, EvE: Empowerment vs. Exploitation, is to explore new ways of  communicating about gender-based violence and sexual oppression. 

More About the Call:

We invite artists of all disciplines to share their  perspectives around gender-based discrimination, media objectification,  sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence, and perspectives as seen similarly addressed in recent social media waves. 

As we take precarious new steps in the direction of healing these long-standing dilemmas we ask, How do we move away from exploitation and empower ourselves and others?  Let’s challenge societal views on what it means to be given (or not  given) agency. If we are to look towards the eve of a more just and  equitable society, we must look closely at the practical difficulties of  communicating from traditionally more oppressed “voiceless” positions  in our communities. What some consider empowerment, others might feel to  be exploitative, and the opposite is also true. 

We  will consider and accept work from artists of all identities. Women  (trans or cis), non-binary, POC, LGBTQ+, and/or artists who identify as allied with the aforementioned are highly encouraged to submit work.


  • Submission deadline: Saturday, January 27th, 2019 by 10:59pm
  • $15 Submission Fee*: a fee is essential to help cover basic costs of production and labor,  but we will have a small number of fee waivers available (see below). 
  • Info about entries:  You may enter up to five art submissions. The call is open to all  visual art forms including painting, photography-based work, drawing,  sculpture, installation, video, etc. 
  • Exhibition of Finalists: Friday, March 1-March 16th, 2019 
  • Reception for Finalists:  Friday, March 1, 2019, 6 -10pm, with performances by youth dance  choreographer, Amalya Allen (w/Mini Mix’d) and aerial storyteller, Gina  Goldblatt. 
  • Artist’s panel talk: Saturday, March 9th, 2019 1-5pm
  • Poetry and Spoken Word: Saturday, March 16th, 2019 1-5pm
  • Finalists notified: by Wednesday, February 6th, 2019
  • Mailed delivery and/or drop off of selected artwork: Warehouse 416 Art Gallery on Monday, February 25th, 10am-5pm.  Contact Tea Roots for special delivery on alternative days.

For more information about Tea Roots visit our website at www.tearoots.org. For questions regarding entry contact submission@tearoots.org or call Tea Roots at 415.863.9603 for more information.

*We  will offer 10(ten) fee waivers on a first come first served basis for  low-income artists who wish to submit. Please follow write to submission@tearoots.org and include a short paragraph explaining that you would like  to be considered for the fee waiver. If we have reached capacity for fee waivers we will respond on or before January 27th to give you an opportunity to pay the submission fee.  

Tea Roots